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Birthday, Halloween and Christmas Party Magic in Tustin Foothills, Orange Park Acres, and Dove Canyon, California.
    Comedy Magicians & Family Entertainer Thom Bliss presents Comedy Magic Shows that add more than a touch of magic to children's birthday parties, kids' birthday parties, Halloween parties, Christmas parties, and other parties in Tustin Foothills, California, Orange Park Acres, California, and Dove Canyon, California and throughout southern California. If you're looking for magic & mystery and gales of laughter in Tustin Foothills, Dove Canyon, or Orange Park Acres, California, this is the comedy magic show for you. There's lots of audience participation and every kid gets a magic wand, free magic tricks instruction sheet, and an adorable balloon animal, balloon hat, balloon flower, or other balloon sculpture. The kids really enjoy using their magic wands to make a live rabbit appear by magic. And, oh, yes, the adults will also enjoy this magical birthday party program for children, kids, boys, girls, and families in Orange Park Acres, Dove Canyon, and Tustin Foothills, California.


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"The children had an amazing time and really enjoyed the show."

— K. T.
Colton, California

You can make your child's next birthday party a magical, unforgettable, special occasion

Kids love magic. Kids love to laugh. They love balloons. And they love furry creatures. Thom Bliss's Happy Birthday Magic Comedy Show has all that ... And more!

    You and the kids will be amazed, amused, and thoroughly entertained by the magic, clean comedy and adorable balloon sculpture of Thom Bliss. It's a totally unique, one-of-a-kind, party fun extravaganza your child, your family, and your entire neighborhood won't forget!

    Your birthday child (age permitting) can be Thom's special helper. Thom will even crown the birthday child King or Queen for the Day.

    All of the kids have to help Thom when he can't find his pet rabbit, Trixie. And each child gets a balloon animal (or a hat, a flower, or a sword) made especially for him or her.

    Long after the cake and ice cream are gone ... long after the toys have been broken ... long after the clothes have been out-grown, your child will remember the magic ... And smile!

Magical holiday parties

   Thom's kids' comedy magic shows are not only great for birthday parties, but for other occasions when you want kids happily entertained, including Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and other holiday parties.

    Having a birthday party for a six-year-old in Tustin Foothills? Planning a Halloween party for twelve-year-olds in West Orange Park Acres? In charge of a Christmas celebration for youngsters and adults in Dove Canyon? Call Thom Bliss. You'll be glad you did.
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    Photo by Judy Secor
Thom Bliss entertains kids, children, youngsters, youth, teenagers, adolescents, adults, families with comedy magic shows and balloon animals in Orange county, California, Los Angeles county, California, Riverside county, California, San Diego county, California, and San Bernardino county, California.

Happy kids, happy parents at a Thom Bliss MagiComedy show.

"Wowed the audience ..."

— Irvine Valley College Review,
Irvine, California

"It was delightful to watch people catching each other with their mouths dropped open and their eyes registering awe, poking each other in the ribs and pointing, slapping their knees in delight and just generally laughing themselves off their seats."

—Rev. Judy Secor,
Golden West Area Vineyard Christian Fellowship, 
Huntington Beach, California

   Photo by Judy Secor
Magic acts, clean comedy and balloon animals, balloon hats,  and balloon flowers in southern California, including Riverside county, San Diego county Orange county, Los Angeles county, and San Bernardino county.

Thom Bliss keeps the kids interested by keeping them involved in making the magic happen.

"A delightful comedic magic show… [The] costumes … were whimsical and fun. The children enjoyed Thom’s sense of humor and were … amazed at the magic tricks!."

— Sue Olmstead
Central Orange County YWCA
Orange, California

"We really appreciated your presence, the lift it gave to the event, and the look of wonder on the faces of the children."

— Lois Christofferson
Scottish Heritage Festival
San Juan Capistrano, California

"You definitely know how to handle a large crowd of children and keep them entertained. The next day … many of my son's friends and their parents commented that it was the best party they had been to."

— Mrs. A.P.,
Garden Grove, California

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